Tips on Increasing Dog’s Appetite

Seeing beloved dog ate ravenously is a thing that is encouraging because it shows that the pet has good health. But how sad that we have encountered things turn out food that we give to our beloved dog only just kissed and then left to go. Conditions such as these should not be allowed, if not loss of time also lose money. Worried again, if the pet dog would not eat it is not likely to become ill from lack of fulfillment of the nutrients the body. If your pet too, you can do the following tips to make it so voraciously eat.

Puppy Eating

Serve favorite foods

You need to understand whether a given food is the most preferred type of food your pet or not. A dog food also needs to be examined from the outset to distinguish which one is his favorite food or not. It could be food served at the time it was not a favorite food so that it becomes a lazy meal. Surely serves its preferred foods is the main thing to do. In addition, in order to avoid the dog gave him a lot more gusto snack too often, especially outside the feeding schedule. This can make the dog feel full more quickly thus making it reluctant to eat. Just an advice, it is better to first consult with a veterinarian to choose the right foods and good for the dog, because it basically needs meat for dogs is 40 percent, vegetables 30 percent, while 30 percent starch. While the food that should be avoided some artificial sweeteners, wine, onion, garlic and raisins.

Give vitamin appetite enhancer

So that appetite big dog, you can also give vitamin appetite enhancer. Vitamin appetite enhancer will certainly stimulate a desire to consume food that is served. In fact, you also have to present enough food for serving. Otherwise, the dog might bite valuables be it shoes or your handbag because it was still hungry. You can get these vitamins are usually sold in pet stores both offline and online. Make sure that the vitamin is still feasible and safe for consumption by dogs.

Add-worming regularly

Like human beings in general, the animals also had problems worms so that makes no appetite. Giving worm medicine is the only way to get out of this problem. De-worming is given to assist in the release of the worm in conjunction with dog feces. Thus, the worms can quickly be remedied. Therefore, if the appetite of dogs is not good for a few days would not hurt if it is to give worming medicine. Moreover, if the kennels looks slovenly, it is not possible for all kinds of ailments, including worms is relatively easy to get into the dog’s body.

Be sure to always check the health of the dog

One of the dominant factors that affect the appetite of dogs is health. Poor health will certainly reduce appetite may even stop all activity. In this regard, it is important to always check the dog’s health by visiting the vet. Also, you need to maintain a good relationship with your doctor so that if there are problems on the health of your pet, you can ask directly to the doctor to get accurate answers and solutions.

By providing nutritional food to suit his schedule can be met so that the dog can acquire enough energy and is able to perform the activity properly. Especially for a guard dog home, certainly is not safe if sick.

Avoid Choosing Wrong Puppy Training Provider

puppy training“Hmm… I already choose wrong puppy training provider so my puppy looks bad now. I don’t know what happens but I believe that I never deal with the problem if I don’t choose that provider.” This is statement from puppy owners when knowing that they choose wrong provider. Actually, this problem does not need to happen as long as puppy owners are more careful of choosing provider. Anyway, do you live in Singapore and look for the right puppy training provider? If you do, avoid taking decision in hurry. You should do the following things first:

Know what their training programs are

How? Visit its office or official site as soon as possible. You can find a lot of information and explanations about what their training program are. Basically, provider will ask professional puppy trainers to train your puppy to sit, roll, bark, and so on so your pet is smart. All programs don’t produce instant result which means that there is a long process for couple weeks that have to be passed. It depends on you discipline in bringing your dog to training classes. Anyway, one of the puppy training providers in Singapore which offer complete and high quality training for puppy is Puppy Colours. Check and visit its official site on

You need to know that Puppy Colours also offer training programs for adult dogs that make many dog owners in Singapore cooperate with them. You don’t need to worry to leave your puppy here because all staffs are professional. They will do the best to take care and train your lovely pet. Furthermore, you will not waste money and feel disadvantaged because training fee is reasonable. If you want to see more about dog trainers and training programs, please visit our campus here.

Look into durability and professionalism of dog trainers

You need to know that at this time, there are many job seekers who are willing to do anything to get job. Yup, even they are willing to be paid for cheap. Puppy training providers which are not professional use this condition to cheat on customers. They tell that they have professional dog trainers whereas they are amateurs and even don’t have any experience in taking care and training puppy. For this, before making a deal, looks into durability and professionalism of dog trainers. How? Visit its classes directly and look their activities and training programs in detail. If they look unprofessional, you should not trust them.

Look for reviews of puppy training provider

If you think that everything is all right, don’t trust provider directly. You are suggested to look for reviews of provider first. Why? After reading reviews from customers, you will know how good or bad provider is. If most reviews tell you that provider is not reliable, you should look for other so you don’t waste money. In contrast, if there are many reviews informing you that provider is trusted and experienced, contact and register your puppy as soon as possible.

Considerations before Adopting Persian Cat

Adopting Persian CatPersian cats are generally more popular among the other cats by some people to be maintained. This is because the Persian cat has a thick fur and a long, able to adapt well, role-poly so very adorable when walking, and so forth. Regarded as race oldest cat in the world, this cat has several types of them: Persian cat Medium (nose was aquiline, her legs look long, and of course his fur thick), Persian cats Himalayan (color fur dark around the face, ears, feet, and tail while the other part is white), Persian cats Flat-nose (body fat, round face, and pug nose), Persian cats Peak-nose (nose more flat than Persian cats Flat-nose, position almost at eye level, and are often excluded from the race), and many more. You are interested in maintaining a Persian cat? There are some important considerations before, the following:

The purchase price is fairly expensive

Many enthusiasts Persian cats Persian cats make the price offered fairly expensive providers. Price Persian cats themselves are generally dependent on the age, condition (vaccinated or not), and type (real or the result of crossing). Persian cats following price range:

  • Ages 3 months, the price offered about 4 million to 5 million (this has not been vaccinated) and about 7 million and above (for the already vaccinated).
  • Ages 6 months, the price offered about 9 million to 10 million (this has not been vaccinated) and about 13 million and above (for already vaccinated)

The larger the first vaccinated cats Persian means the price will be more expensive. To a Persian cat of crossbred with local cats, usually a little cheaper the price range of about 200 to 700 thousand rupiah. To cross Angora cat Persian cat with approximately 600 thousand to 2 million.

The treatment is quite extra

Care for the Persian cat itself fairly extra. Starting from feeding, food intake Persian cats should not be arbitrary. If not, potentially beautiful long fur and thick so fall apart makes vomiting or fever. If you do not have much time to make their own Persian cat food, you can buy special food for your pet Persian cat in supermarkets or shopping malls. The most important food purchased should be high protein, low carbohydrate, high in vitamins, minerals, and more important for the development of Persian cats.

Furthermore, from the side of the residence, Persian cats are picky shelter or enclosure. Enclosure as a place of residence must always feels comfortable. Therefore, it is important to clean the residence Persian cat on a regular basis. Moreover, the cage should be dried every morning once a Persian cat alone for bacteria and viruses at home once in the body of a Persian cat is missing. In terms of hair care, Persian cats should be routinely washed and combed with a special comb to keep them clean and not woolly.

In terms of eye care, eye Persian cats are generally often remove the water. For that, the Persian cat’s eyes should be regularly cleaned. Reportedly, to reduce tear on Persian cats, you should drying every morning around 8 to 10 am. To reduce costs, the Persian cat care must be done alone. However, if not enough time and no money, can take care of Persian cats in pet specialty beauty salon exactly the Persian cat.

Danger of Cat Hair For Health

Danger of Cat Hair For Health

Cats are pets that people liked due adorable and funny. Moreover, the cat is an animal that can be invited to play so that it can relieve stress. In addition, cats are also sometimes used by people to scare the mice in the house. By having a funny behavior that makes the cat became one of the pets in the house. There are many types of pet cats into one Persian and Angora cats. However, behind the cat’s behavior were packed and stored funny bad things that can cause a person’s health becomes disturbed. That can lead to a person’s health due to the disturbed cat fur. There are some dangers that can be caused by the cat’s fur including the following.

Cause asthma

That makes people like the cat is not only seen on the face, but also from cat fur. Cats that have thick fur to make people more interested. However, did you know that cats to health hazards can be caused by the factor of cat fur? Fur on the cat can be very dangerous to health has been affected especially respiratory. Feathers were attacked breathing can cause asthma. This is due to the many viruses that exist in cat fur which eventually caused the asthma. Asthma is a disease that is difficult to remove and can be a hereditary disease. Therefore, if you want a cat’s good to pay attention to hygiene in cat fur and avoid kissing the cat’s fur.

Diseases resulting Toxoplasma

Cat fur health hazard for the second one is lead to disease toxoplasma. Where the disease is a disease caused by infection found in cats. This disease was initially caused by parasites that live in the intestines of cats, but the parasite can be transmitted from a variety of media. As for who could make good the parasite transmitted from cat feces, where to eat, and of course from cat fur itself. Well, if you do not want to experience this disease should have to be careful with the above three things.

Birth defects

Waiting baby born healthy of course the parents desire. By having a baby can make the home atmosphere became more crowded. However, unfortunately if you have a pet such as a cat is very dangerous due to the cat’s fur can cause disease toxoplasma. Pregnant women who have / toxoplasma disease caused by the cat’s fur can cause the baby to be born disability. Besides giving birth smallpox, if this disease can also affect the fetus so easy miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant women are not advised to keep a pet and should stay away. Likewise for those who want to become pregnant is not recommended keeping cats.

Cause allergies

Well, this one surely you all have to know the dangers of cat fur that causes allergies. You have allergies caused by cat fur; it may present a sense of itching, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Therefore, for those who are allergic to cat dander is better to avoid playing with the cats. Avoid also kissing the cat because the cat fur easily fall out and stick.

If you do not want to experience things above, preferably for more careful again on your pet. Especially for pregnant women should not keep a pet during pregnancy.


What to Do If Your Lovely Dog Is Missing?

dog is missingMost dog owners love their pet fully. They are willing to do everything to take care of their dog. Yup, they will spare much time to caress and play with their dog. Even, some others like inviting their dog to take a rest in the same bed. When their dog gets sick, they will be sad and afraid of losing it forever. They are truly dog lovers. Are you one of them? If you are, what do you do if your lovely dog is missing and you cannot find it?

Visit places that were visited together

Yup, the first to do is visiting places that were visited together. Why? Dog has good memory. When it gets lost, it will visit places or follow routes that it passes. For this, there is no problem if you visit places that were visited together. You have to visit your neighbors who have dog too because who knows that your dog wants to play with its friends. Remember to look for in detail, make sure that there is no place that you skip so your dog can be found fast.

Ask your neighbors

If you lose your dog when you are not at home, it is better to ask your neighbors because who knows they see your dog. If they know something, ask them to tell you truly. What if your dog is kidnapped by unknown people? You should gather information first, don’t let your emotion take over your mind. You have to make sure that the information is not gossip. Ask your neighbors to help you find your pet, at least be sure that they will call you when they see it somewhere. Be patient because you will get your lovely pet back if you work hard.

In addition, you may make brochures and tell that your dog is missing. Insert clear and colored dog’s pictures in brochures and share those to public areas. Remember to insert your phone number so people can call you when finding or seeing your dog.

Ask for help from detectives

If you already do many efforts and your dog is still missing, you are suggested to ask for help from detectives. This might sound excessive but this is one of the evidences that you love it so much. Detectives usually ask you about your dog first and then start investigating in environment. They will work hard and do many efforts to find it. However, you cannot put full hope for them because they are still human beings. This means that percentage to get your dog back and lose it forever is 50:50. If they succeed to find it, you should be thankful and pay off their salary soon. In other side, if they fail, you remain being thankful for their hard work.

Anyway, what if detectives find your dog in bad condition in which it is died? You may be sad but you have to accept this fact. You have to move on and adopt a new dog.